In his new book "The Unknown Universe" Dr. Richard Hammond lays down on the table some of the biggest mysteries of the final frontier and poses some of the biggest questions which demonstrate the gaps in our knowledge of the cosmos..."The Unknown Universe" will likely appeal to anyone who has ever gazed up at the stars and wondered just how it all came to be... From Unexplained

The Unknown Universe helped me to understand many questions I had about the origin of the universe. I really liked how it was written, using interesting questions for the reader to answer at the beginning of the chapters. Also, the style of writing was fun to read, not like many science books which are (to this reader) usually very technical and difficult to understand. Professor Hammond helped to make the topics that he wrote about understandable in a fun and interesting way that anyone could understand. I had trouble putting it down once I got started! ....Janet Ryan

This book is a novel approach to awakening interest in science in the general reader. I recommend it to the senior High School or Freshman college reader in search of stimulus in the selection of a career path.

Professor Bob Guenther, Duke University.

Professor Hammond guides us on a personal tour of the unsolved mysteries of physics at the forefront of current research. His sense of humor and writing style make this book an exciting read. He discusses unsolved mysteries from the Higgs particle all the way to dark energy. I really enjoyed this book.

Professor Terry Pilling, North Dakota State University.